A few days before leaving for Europe at the end of June, I received the Nau Rebound Jacket for testing purposes. Upon initial inspection, I decided this would be the all purpose jacket for my travels, and left the Patagonia at home. I mention Patagonia because Nau products are in a similar price range, and the Nau jacket retails for $340.00. This is not a meager amount of money, therefore the jacket really needed to serve all purposes on my trip. Going to Switzerland in the summer is a perfect testing ground for such a product. It can be 85 degrees and sunny one moment, and then 60 degrees and pouring rain another. The Nau jacket is made for this type of place. First off, the Rebound is light, very light. It weighs 22 oz. and is so easy to carry around, you forget it’s there until it’s needed. For the warmer temperatures, the jacket worn over a merino shirt is perfect. It is not at all stifling, and breathes and moves very well. I never felt restricted in motion by the jacket, which is probably why Nau lists the jacket under their cycling heading. I did get the chance to ride in the jacket, and it performs very well, keeping you warm when the weather turns a bit nasty. Inclement weather is really where this jacket shines. I was in several downpours in Switzerland, and the jacket performed exceptionally. The hood is large with good coverage, and the material of the jacket kept me bone dry. Reading the specs on the Nau site, I discovered the Rebound is made from a Japanese fabric called Teijin Ecocircle┬«. It is 100% recycled polyester in a three layer knit. As Nau is an eco-friendly company, the Rebound can be recycled into polyester fibers for reuse at the end of it’s life. I also had the opportunity to wear the Rebound on a trip up to the Jungfrau mountain. This amazing trip takes you to the summit at 11,332 feet. The wind was blowing as we exited the railway station, but the Rebound, with two merino layers underneath, kept me perfectly warm. The wind could not penetrate the fully taped seams, and the exterior chest pocket allowed storage for a small camera without having to unzip the jacket. On our descent, I got off the train two stops before the end of the line to be able to hike down the trail. Again, the jacket performed flawlessly. The Rebound, in my opinion, is the perfect all around jacket and is worth the price of admission.