I arrived in NYC on Monday, and was greeted at the luggage carousel with my S & S case intact. It didn’t looked scuffed, and upon inspection of the TSA lock, it hadn’t even been opened. All good news. Wednesday morning, bright and early, I took it upon myself to put the Sycip back together. It unpacked perfectly, and I managed to assemble it in a short amount of time. No problems at all. I geared up, and made my way to work across town. I had some time to kill, so a loop around Central Park was in order. A perfect morning commute. It is incredibly exhilarating riding around NYC. An adrenaline rush kicks in when riding up 8th Avenue in morning traffic, amidst a sea of yellow taxis, all of which are definitely out to get you. It’s been great fun, and I’ve managed to put in about 35 miles so far. I’m hoping to explore Brooklyn over the weekend if weather and work permit it.