The NYNE Cruiser is a portable Bluetooth speaker that provides a solution for those wanting to have their personal soundtrack follow them wherever they go. Portability is the key, and with the assorted accessories included with the Cruiser, this speaker is set for any adventure. There are mounts for attaching the speaker to your bicycle, exercise cycle, or even a baby stroller. There is also a carabiner for attaching the speaker to a backpack. The speaker easily connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone in a matter of seconds. Pairing the speaker is a breeze, and sound quality is exceptional given its compact size and light weight. Speaker technology has come a long way, and the Cruiser takes full advantage, providing clear and crisp playback. Battery life is quite long, with a ten hour run time on a single charge. At just under $100.00, the NYNE Cruiser is perfect for those who want music on the go. The Cruiser will definitely become a staple of my future camping trips.