It is not often I post about a product that is still a year out, but this one seems too cool not to start talking about now. Why? Because deep down I am still an analog kind of a guy. The Omata is an analog GPS speedometer. The back of house functions are pretty typical fare for a cycling computer, but it’s the visible face that’s the beauty of the device: an old fashioned speedometer. Speed, distance, ascent and time are also displayed on the unit, but the one main player on the face of this instrument is the speedometer. I like knowing how fast I’m riding, and to be able to easily read your speed on a device as beautiful as this one will be something of a coup. The background functions allow easy synchronization with Strava, so all data can easily be shared and saved. The Kickstarter goes live today, so if you’d like to bring a bit of old school aesthetics to your modern machine, head on over.