Packing for a trip overseas is always a bit of a struggle for me. I have a small collection of suitcases, all good, but none are very easy to understand. Yes, the idea is to cram everything in, but how to do that so it makes sense, and more importantly, so the clothes stay wrinkle free is the trick. On my recent trip to Frankfurt, I was able to test the Osprey Contrail 28″ suitcase. It is a large wheeled bag with a very clean and simple exterior design. The handle is solid, the wheels stable, and the access to the interior spaces is great. But it’s what’s on the inside that has me loving this bag. Osprey includes the Flightlocker organizer, a system to keep your clothes and accessories contained in a removable pack. At first glance, I was thinking I wouldn’t really be able to figure out what goes where, but on further inspection, I discovered that each compartment is labeled with simple diagrams. One for shirts, one for shoes, one for socks, and so on. I followed the plan, and before I knew it, I had a fully self contained package with all my clothes, including two pairs of shoes, that is easily placed in the suitcase. It was a revelation that packing could be so simple. Upon arriving in Frankfurt, I took the Flightlocker out of the bag, and hung it in the closet using the built in hanging system. This is an exceptional system for packing and organizing a bag. ¬†On the back side of the bag, there is another insert that houses your dirty laundry, and keeps it separate from the clean clothes in the main compartment. There is also room for magazines and incidentals on the back. On the sides are pockets deep enough to accommodate a variety of large items. It seems the storage in this bag is endless. The Osprey Contrail 28″ proved its worth on this trip, and will most certainly be with me on my future travels. It is a well designed bag that can easily tackle any adventure that may come your way.