I’ve been commuting with the Osprey Metron 35 for about a week now, so I thought I would pass along initial impressions. The first thing my wife said was that it looked a bit like a technical backpack. This may be true when compared to the offerings of Chrome or Mission Workshop, but I find it to be subtle and streamlined looking for a pack with extreme functionality. This is where the backpack excels. I carry quite a bit to work on a daily basis. First and foremost is a 15″ MacBook Pro . The computer alone weighs 5.6 lbs., and in the Osprey, it rides in a padded sleeve that keeps it firmly in the middle of the backpack. The sleeve does not allow the computer to drop down to the bottom of the bag, which in turn avoids damage to the computer when you put the backpack down. I really like this setup and feel confident the MacBook will survive commuting. The other highlights of the backpack are its incredible amount of storage, very comfortable back padding, great straps with built in cell phone and key holders, plenty of individual pockets for maximum organization, and a very slick helmet attachment. It is a rubber buckle on an elastic strap that when threaded through the helmet, cinches it up to the backpack. No more floppy helmet hitting every door frame as you are trying to get in and out of your workspace or home. It seems like a small thing, but it really makes a difference. The other feature I really like is the attachment points for commuter lights. There are two of them, and they are ideally placed, one low for when you are in the drops, and one a bit higher for a more relaxed position. Osprey has produced a well thought out bag, and I will write more once it’s been broken in.