The Outlier Climbers are a jean cut pant made in the US with Outlier 4Season fabric from Schoeller Textiles in Switzerland. I am partial to Swiss products as I am married to a Swiss woman, and I’m also partial to products made in the US, so this is a best of both worlds situation for me. I have the slate grey version, which is a lovely color for looks, as well as for hiding road grime picked up on the morning commute. The pants perform exceptionally well on the bicycle, and stretch and move in a fashion that does not impede pedaling in any way. The material is light but durable. At the office, I feel I am wearing a dress pant that fits in well with any outfit or pair of shoes. They definitely can be dressed up or down at will. Outlier say the pants are great for climbing, and I wouldn’t doubt it. They really do move that well. I am very pleased with this product, and I look forward to trying out more Outlier in the future. I also wanted to point out that Outlier is masterful at customer service. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been incredibly polite and helpful. I’m a believer that customer service makes or breaks a company, and Outlier has it down. I also recommend following their Twitter feed, as they post frequently, and it’s fun reading.