Last month I was fortunate to be invited to an event at Bike Effect to introduce a new brand out of San Francisco, CA. Parker Dusseau is the label, and the company is centered on clothing for the cycling commuter. This includes everything from shirts to chinos to suits. The suit is the signature piece from Parker Dusseau, but to start, I thought I would present my impressions of a most basic garment, the tried and true chino. Of course, to be considered for use on the bike, the basic chino needs to be reinforced with cycling specific features. Parker Dusseau starts with a stretch cotton twill fabric that has a beautiful feel and the perfect amount of give. The pants are sewn with single needle chain stitching for increased durability, and have a bias cut crotch gusset for extra movement. My favorite features are the rear pocket flaps that have reflective piping that can be hidden inside the pocket during the day, and the clever pant cuffs that contain hidden reflective straps that can be adjusted in two different positions. This is what is pictured above, and simple as it may seem, it is an incredibly useful feature. There is also a gripper waistband, and extra deep pockets to make sure nothing is lost during your commute. The cut on these pants is perfect for me. They are slim, but not too skinny, and have the feel of a trouser that has been worn in over time. On the bike they perform perfectly, and at work they are a great option for a slightly dressed up look. The cycling commuter is a strange breed, with many different clothing requirements, and I believe Parker Dusseau has something for all of us. I recently received the suit, and I will report back at a later date on this most beautiful piece. For the time being, check out the Parker Dusseau website and read up on the brand and its founder’s inspiration. It’s a great story worth reading, and serves as inspiration for following your passions.