This week I received the Full Metal Fenders from Portland Design Works. I’ve been looking for a set of fenders for the Bianchi Valle I am putting together, and the Full Metal Fenders looked like the best option. Despite it never raining in LA, we still encounter the occasional sprinkler that creates a river we must forge, and without fenders, a dress shirt will suffer. I’ve used different fenders in the past, and I admit, most do a good job at keeping the water and muck at bay. However, the installation and subsequent use tend to be an issue. Some are incredibly difficult to install properly, a seemingly simple job made difficult by unnecessarily complex instructions. The Full Metal Fenders avoid this problem with their well thought out design, and one of the most straightforward instruction manuals I’ve seen. It is a passport sized booklet with clear and concise directions anyone should be able to follow. Once installed, the real joy will become apparent. I rode the Bianchi to work yesterday, and pretty much hit every bump and pothole in my path. I wanted to suss out how well the fenders hold up in rough conditions, not a problem to find here in LA. My initial impression was one of disbelief. The fenders are absolutely dead silent. Not one rattle, shimmy or shake. Once at work I performed the drop test, just a gentle drop of the bike onto the pavement, and still no sound whatsoever. The Full Metal Fenders from Portland Design Works are by far the best fenders I’ve had the opportunity to try. These are really well designed, and will complement any bike.