Q36.5 is a relatively new company, founded by Luigi Bergamo just four years ago in 2013. The name is taken from the ideal body temperature in celsius of a healthy human, and combined with the letter Q, short for quaerere, which translates to research in Latin. It is a complex name, but it’s a good fit for a company striving to provide the highest technological advances in cycling clothing. The company works with elite Italian textile manufacturers to develop fabrics used exclusively in the Q36.5 line. The clothing is light, ergonomic, incredibly comfortable, and judging from the pair of bibs and jersey I’ve owned for over two years, long lasting. In a short time, Q36.5 has established itself as a major player in the cycling apparel world. Yesterday, the company launched a new website that is worth a look. Beautiful photography, and plenty of useful information about the company’s history and product line-up.