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The title of this post may lead you to wonder if I have started speaking a different language, but rest assured we are still dealing with the English language here. So, to clarify, Qak (Quality Accessories are Key) is a Boulder, Colorado based company providing Bluetooth solutions for the active lifestyle. The premiere product from Qak is the Thump Blu headphones. They are Bluetooth headphones geared towards people needing a stable solution while cycling, running, etc. Out of the box, they are quite easy to set up and pair with a phone- in my case, an iPhone. Once paired, you have the option of controlling volume, changing tracks, and starting and pausing. In addition to music control, Thump Blu is also a hands free phone. There is a built-in microphone allowing for crystal clear conversations. There is also the ability to activate and use voice command, making it quite easy to ask Siri questions. The headphones are capable of seven hours of play time from a single one hour charge, making them a reliable solution for everyday needs. I’ve had fun using the Thump Blu, and think it is a great product for those who like to listen to their music wherever their lives may take them.