The idea of an all day shoe with an SPD compatible sole is not new, but the Quoc Pham Urbanite has found the perfect balance between the two. The trick to designing such a shoe is making it stiff enough to be useful on the bike, but pliable enough to be comfortable for walking. The Urbanite is exactly that. On the bike, the shoe has just the right amount of stiffness for riding efficiently. The cleat is well concealed within the sole, and quite easy to engage and disengage with the pedals. Installation of the cleat is a breeze, and if you prefer running the shoe without a cleat, there is a simple cover to fill in the void. Off the bike, the shoes perform equally well, whether on my feet all day at work, or for a simple stroll to a local restaurant. The functionality of the Quoc Pham shoes is exceptional. Add to this the simple and elegant design, and you have a shoe that can go anywhere, and do most anything. For my testing, I chose the Urbanite mid-rise in brown, and have found them to be a front runner for daily use even when not on the bike. They are that comfortable, and the quality is supreme. Quoc Pham shoes are available in the United States through Mission Workshop, in store, or online.