The Rapha City Rain Jacket is a performer. I’ve been using it for a little over a month now, and I can say with certainty that it accomplishes what it sets out to do and more. As with all Rapha clothing, the jacket fits very well, and has a clean tailored look. I always marvel at a piece of clothing that looks so good and also works so well. On the bike, the jacket has the perfect amount of movement. It keeps the wind at bay and keeps the water out. I’ve ridden in a couple of serious rains, and my core came through it dry. The rest of me, well that was a different story. I had the jacket in temperatures approaching the low 40’s, and it did a very respectable job of keeping me warm with a couple of appropriate Merino layers underneath. I like the small details such as the reversible cuffs with one side being the traditional reflective Rapha pink, and the other side the same discreet color as the rest of the jacket.There is also a zip-away, high-visibility storm tail that can be pulled down to alert drivers to your presence. The jacket also comes with a waterproof storage bag to tuck it away in your bag when not in use; it is meant to keep your things dry if the jacket has been out doing its job. This jacket is an exceptional piece of clothing that serves its intended purposes perfectly and with a great deal of style.