I’ve become obsessed with finding a perfect riding pant. Unfortunately, that obsession has led me on a path to disappointment. I have now tried the pants, or some might call them trousers, from Rapha, Outlier and Chrome. They have all been sent back. The Rapha trousers just didn’t fit well, the Chrome pants had a strange color, and the Outlier pants, depending on the model, were either too loose, or way too tight. I am not an expert in how to make clothing, but I can say for sure, that all these specialized pants, in no way, have suited me while riding my bike. In fact, I wouldn’t wear any of them even on a casual basis. They just don’t work. At less than half the cost, I can buy a pair of Levis 511 jeans that are 99% cotton with 1% Elastane. They stretch the perfect amount and are quite comfortable. During the winter months, I ride in Levis daily on my commute to work. They just work. But,……… I am looking forward to trying the Rapha jean when it is released. Maybe that will be the one.