Schindelhauer has added two new bicycles to their already stellar line-up. Introduced to the world today, the Karl and the Heinrich are both electric bikes, powered by the latest generation Bosch Active Line Plus motors. The Karl is a single speed belt-driven bike, and the Heinrich is an eight speed belt-driven bike. The combination of this latest motor from Bosch, and the belt drive system, is sure to make these two some of the quietest e-bikes available. The design is thoughtful, with the battery incorporated into the downtube. These bikes do not scream electric; instead they radiate an image of cool design. My Schindelhauer Ludwig is the best city bike I’ve ridden, so these two stand to rank high amongst the electric bike offerings. Sporty, fast, and comfortable are the qualities that immediately come to mind, and I’ll bet the Karl and Heinrich possess all three. The only downside to these two releases is having to wait until 2019 for delivery. Schindelhauer is definitely testing my patience.