My commute to work can be a complicated affair when riding a bike with pedals requiring proper cycling shoes. The city bike is the easiesr choice for the daily ride, but a different issue arises with the flat pedals on the bike. On occasion, I like to wear dress shoes with leather soles, and I find pedals with pegs or spikes destroy the soles, or worse, pedals without any allow my feet to slide right off. It is an annoying problem, and I have tried to find a solution for quite some time. No pedal had come to save the day, but then Schindelhauer entered my world. They are a company based in Germany, and they produce some very beautiful bicycles. Alongside the line of 9 bicycles, there are some accessories, such as the Urban CNC Pedals pictured above. I first spotted these at Stilr√§d in Zurich, and I admit they are the first urban pedals I’ve seen that really make an impression. The size is the first thing I noticed, big enough to accommodate the foot, but a much smaller footprint than a typical BMX or city pedal. This alone is a huge selling point for me because, to be honest, I find aesthetics to be incredibly important, and the Urban CNC pedals just look right on any of my bikes. They are relatively lightweight at 300 grams per pair, and the construction is absolutely solid. The trick to why these work so well is the 3M supplied slip-free grip tape. The tape does its job perfectly. My feet stay firmly planted on the pedals. There are no moments of regret when jumping off a curb or clearing one of the many potholes here in LA. I can rest assured that I will remain in contact with the pedals and that I will arrive at my destination without incident, or at least without incident regarding my feet. The Urban CNC Pedals have become a favorite, and are perfect for everyday riding. And, I’ll say again that the Shindelhaeur bikes are absolutely beautiful, and worth a look. I long to ride the Ludwig XVIII, the ultimate city bike.