Science in Sport recently released an addition to their already excellent line-up of nutritional products. The new Beta Fuel is a liquid nutrition mix of 80 grams of carbohydrates delivered in an isotonic and ph neutral solution. This translates to a liquid fuel that doesn’t upset the stomach and is easy to consume. I have found the Beta Fuel to be extremely useful on rides where I am trying to put in a little extra effort. Mixing and drinking the fuel before a ride also helps to stave off any dehydration because it is recommended to mix one packet with 500ml of water. This helped me in Switzerland over the summer, as my rides took place in hot and humid conditions, something I am not used to at home on the West Coast. There are currently two flavors available – orange, and lemon & lime. Both are quite subtle, but my favorite is lemon & lime. For the days you’d like to try to come up with something special on the bike, one packet of Beta Fuel might be the added boost needed to unlock a fresh PR.