I have lots to tell about my trip to San Francisco. It’s been great touring and I’ve managed to get in stops to many shops in both San Francisco and Mill Valley. The photo above is, of course, from Rapha, and the Rapha Cycle Club was one of my first visits. The club lived up to my expectations and fulfilled what I envisioned. It was great seeing some of the new product such as the Rapha City Trousers and the new jerseys. I had hoped to get a sneak preview of the Grand Tour shoes, but I’ll have to wait until April 10th. The club has an incredibly laid back atmosphere with an exceptionally friendly staff. It was interesting to see the combination of bike nerds such as myself, mixing with people there just for a coffee and chat. I was glad to be able to see it, and hope it inspires a Rapha Cycle Club in Los Angeles in the future.