Showers Pass has a collection of weatherproof cases sold under the CloudCover Line moniker. I’ve been using the CloudCover iPhone 5 case as well as the CloudCover Dry Wallet for almost six months now. This may seem like an unusually long period of time to test a product, but after having received so many promotional cases, I find that in as little as 4 months, they tend to disintegrate. The CloudCover line promises to offer weatherproof cases that will last a long time, so I thought it best to give them a serious workout. Both cases have been used on every ride I’ve been on since receiving them. Over this long period of time, the cases have held up perfectly. The Dry Wallet is perfect for a driver’s license, a credit card, business cards, a bit of cash, ¬†and a microfiber cloth I carry for cleaning my glasses. There is a window on one side of the case so that your license is visible without taking it out. It is the perfect size for the necessities, and easily fits into a jersey pocket. The iPhone 5 case is designed so that the phone touch screen can be used while in the case. It has window cutouts on both sides to accommodate the screen, and on the backside to accommodate the camera lens and flash. It is quite easy to use the touch screen through the thick plastic, and photos come out quite clearly when taken from within the case. There are double zip locks to prevent moisture from entering the case, as well as a velcro closure for added security. The CloudCover line provides bombproof protection for the essentials while cycling, and after all these months of testing, the two cases I have are in nearly the same pristine condition they were in when I received them. I think that at $24.99 for the iPhone case, and at $19.99 for the Dry Wallet, these cases are a solid investment every cyclist should make.