Skratch Labs is a nutrition company offering some of the finest products available on the market. Their Exercise Hydration Mix (lemons + limes is my favorite flavor) is my absolute top choice for any ride. It is dependable for making sure you stay perfectly hydrated while putting in a strenuous effort. So, when an announcement came in this week touting a new product, I took note. The product is the Rescue Hydration Mix. It is intended for children and adults suffering from extreme dehydration. Skratch Labs developed the product after discovering other products made to combat dehydration were full of artificial sweeteners, flavoring agents and chemicals. The Skratch Labs Rescue Hydration Mix is an all natural alternative. I hope I never need to use the Rescue Mix, but if the occasion arises, I will most definitely rely on Skratch Labs to get me through. Skratch Labs is already part of my regimen for all rides, so there will be a place on the shelf for the Rescue Mix next to their other great products.