Ordering glasses sight unseen can be a challenge, but with the online sizing tools offered by Smith Optics, getting the right fit wasn’t difficult. I generally know the shape of glasses that work for me, as well as the size, so by narrowing the search using the tools on the left side of the web page, you are able to see a selection of what will probably work for you. Then, when looking at a specific pair, the actual measurements are displayed, and those can be taken and compared to your present glasses. I had a good time looking through the site. I knew I wanted something that could also be worn on a daily basis, but also worked well on the bike. That’s where the Smith glasses really shine, as they are not just suitable for sports, they’re absolutely ideal. The Smith Intervals were my pick, and when they arrived, I was absolutely thrilled. They fit perfectly, and my choice was validated.

As a slightly older gentleman, I now wear glasses with lenses that transition from clear to dark which prevents the need for a separate pair of sunglasses. I also use progressive lenses, an updated term for bifocals, another feature that prevents the need for a separate pair of reading glasses. This lens combination can add up, and can also be an exercise in patience, as I’ve had to send glasses back due to imperfect prescription lenses. When ordering from Smith, you pick the glasses you’d like, upload the prescription, and check out. They will get back to you with any questions, but generally speaking, the process is quite straightforward.

Smith glasses are made from high quality materials, and this is evident when putting them on for the first time. The construction is solid, the hinges quite robust, and the non slip nose pads are flawless. I used the Intervals for the Mammoth Gran Fondo last weekend, and they were brilliant. They are incredibly comfortable, and their sturdy construction allowed me to handle them as needed when wiping sweat from my forehead. They fit well with the couple of different helmets I’m using these days, and the multimodal lenses have been a lifesaver. The progressive lenses allow me to see my computer during the ride, while maintaining perfect vision for looking down the road. The transition quality of the lenses is also quite good, and they darken to a perfect shade for the brightest days. As is the case with all transition lenses, they take a little more time to go back to clear, but that is the way it is with this technology. I’m sure somewhere down the road we’ll have quicker transitioning lenses, but for now these are as good as they come.

Smith has a huge selection of glasses, from lifestyle to ski goggles. The lab they use is high quality, and the choices plentiful when it comes to lenses. The Smith Optics website is a pleasure to navigate, and easy to shop at. Props are in order for a company sticking with a singular mission, and perfecting it.


Mammoth Gran Fondo