At Interbike last year, I happened upon Solestar, a German company specializing in custom insoles. Solestar was started several years ago by German sports scientist Oliver Elsenbach. It is based in Berlin, with a subsidiary in Cologne focusing on athlete support and product development. At Interbike, I was invited to sit for a session to have custom insoles molded to my feet, but unfortunately didn’t have the time. Several months later, a pair of the Solestar Kontrol insoles arrived at my doorstep. The company saw the need for a pre-molded insole for people who either didn’t have the time for a fitting, or don’t live in major metropolitan areas. Enter the Solestar Kontrol, a pre molded insole designed to slip right into your shoe. The website has a sizing chart for most every manufacturer of cycling shoes, and it tells you what size insole to order for your specific shoe. Mine were sized for the Gaerne Chrono shoes and the fit is perfect. I’ve also tried them in the same size Fizik shoe, and again the fit is perfect. The insoles are designed to provide maximum stability for the foot. The wonderfully comfortable insoles do exactly that, and all the while feel as if they were custom molded for my feet. I have ridden over 500 miles with the insoles, and will continue to use these with any shoes that come my way. The comfort level on my rides has been upped tremendously by the Kontrol insoles and I still marvel at how well they fit inside both pairs of shoes. Solestar must have tested these insoles with every shoe imaginable. The company offers a six week satisfaction guarantee to entice more cyclists to give them a go. I think those making the plunge will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Kontrol insoles, and more importantly, will enjoy the comfort and stability they offer.