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Sometimes it’s the little things that make people happy. The Spurcycle Key Clip is one of those little things. It is a beautiful piece of hardware with a simple design goal: to hold your keys and clip to the belt loop of your favorite jeans. Often the importance of good design in basic everyday objects is overlooked, and mediocrity is what typically gets served up. That is a shame. The key clip has been around for a very long time, but until Spurcycle decided to take on the design challenge, it was an object that was more or less a throw away. Spurcycle set out to change this wasteful cycle by designing the best possible holder for your keys. Laser cut from a single block of 1/4 ” stainless steel, the clip is produced here in the United States. It comes with a no-questions-asked warranty, and it is an object you’ll want to keep around for a long time. Like some of the best Apple products, the Spurcycle key clip is an object that feels good to the touch. Perfectly proportioned, and with a pleasing finish, the clip puts a smile on your face each time you use it. High praise for such a simple object? Yes, but when you get your hands on yours, you will understand. Fetch one at Spurcycle for $34.00.


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