This past weekend we experienced something here in Los Angeles that we haven’t had in over eight months. It rained. It really rained, not the usual few drops you see every once in a great while, but a real multi-inch downpour. For me, this was a great opportunity to try out the Sugoi RSE NeoShell Jacket. I had seen this piece at Interbike, and was sold on its simple and clean design. What’s not simple is the Polartec NeoShell material used in the jacket. The material solves the age old problem of any waterproof material, allowing moisture to escape while keeping the downpours out. This is achieved through a microporous polyurethane structure that has a highly controlled pore size. Gone are the days of feeling as if you are in a sauna. Another advantage to this material over other waterproof fabrics is its ability to stretch. It will move in all the right directions while on the bike. Over the weekend I rode the Griffith Park loop in the now mythical rainstorm we were experiencing, and was truly impressed with the performance of this jacket. First, it really is very comfortable. Second, it kept me bone dry for the entire ride. Lastly, it kept me quite warm in conditions that were less than ideal, with only a jersey and base layer under the jacket. It is the perfect piece to wear for these sorts of conditions, but I also wanted to mention that I have worn this jacket during non-rainy conditions as well. This piece is definitely not just for downpours. It can be used anytime there is a chill in the air. Best of all, the bulk of the jacket is slight, making it possible to roll up and stick in a jersey pocket for those rides where it heats up. The Sugoi RSE NeoShell jacket has become a staple in my cycling wardrobe, and I think it is worth considering for anyone looking to keep dry and comfortable while riding.