Last weekend was the opening of Velo Love in Glassell Park. Velo Love serves as the storefront operation of Swrve, showcasing all their product as well as selling other cycling related goodness. The store looks great, and it is a great pleasure being able to see the entire product line in one place. While going through the racks, the above pair of jeans jumped out at me. They are the Limited Edition White Oak Cone USA Selvage Jeans. Before knowing what exactly I was looking at, I wanted them. Once I found out more, I wanted them even more. The color is amazing, the material feels great, and the cut is somewhere between the regular trim fit and the skinny fit. This is perfect, as I fall directly into this category. I’m hoping to pick these up this weekend, but worry I’ll see many other things I want or need. Velo Love is a highly recommended stop. The hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday 11am to 7pm. The address is 3421 Verdugo Rd | Los Angeles | CA | 90065.