Kurabo Black
San Francisco is the home to many outstanding retail establishments, and Taylor Stitch is at the top of the list. I’ve written in the past of their great shirts, but on my last trip I was able to try a pair of the Kurabo Black jeans. These jeans are made from 13 ounce Kurabo Mills (Japan) black denim. The fit on these jeans is what has made me a true believer. They are tailored, but not overly skinny like so many of today’s cuts. The jeans are perfectly comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. It is difficult to find jeans as well cut as these. I haven’t had the chance to ride in them as of yet, but I suspect for a simple commute they will be perfect. As is the case with the shirts, the jeans are made in San Francisco, CA. They are available online, but if the opportunity arises, visit their brick and mortar in San Francisco. It’s a beautifully designed store, and it’s fun being able to peruse the line in person. The sales staff is incredibly friendly, and to top it all off, there is a parklet out front.