I feel a bit guilty for posting this so long after its release, but it’s too good a product to not write about, and there are plenty of other offerings from Taylor Stitch. The Mechanic’s Shirt was released earlier this year, and it sat for a bit, as the weather here in LA was far too warm for it. Now, the weather has finally turned, and the mechanic’s shirt has become a regular staple in my wardrobe. It is incredibly comfortable, well tailored, and really well made. All of Taylor Stitch’s shirts are handmade in San Francisco, and the quality is supreme. The line now includes over fifty shirts, jeans, belts and ties, as well as women’s shirts. I’ve also been using the Black Oval Buckle Belt, and since it arrived, it is the only belt I’ve used. The belts are also made in San Francisco. This is a company well worth watching, and I look forward to seeing the brick and mortar shop in San Francisco.