The Tern Verge X20 is the first folding bike I’ve ever ridden, and what a pleasure it was. I wasn’t able to travel with it, but I did use it in multiple situations where it got folded up and tucked in the trunk. Super easy to do, and really compact once folded. It serves its purpose well as a reliable folder, and with the optional suitcase, I’m quite certain it would travel well also. The other aspect of the folding bike is the ride, and I admit I was skeptical about a cycle with small wheels. However, I used it consistently for commuting and general around town rides for close to three weeks, and in that time found it to be an incredibly capable bicycle. Not just capable, but also really entertaining. The X20 really moves, thanks in large part to its light weight(21 lbs.), the top of the range SRAM Red drivetrain, and the specially sourced FSA crankset with custom 55/42 gearing. The handling is precise, and given the 20″ Kinetix Pro wheels, incredibly agile. It feels as if this bike has an upper hand in terms of maneuvering due to its compact size. This translates into smiles for me, and I’m quite sure I had an ear to ear grin each time I rode the bike. In the time I had the Tern, I could only raise an issue with one thing. I wanted a longer reach stem to facilitate a longer reach position. Thankfully, when returning the bike, I was assured this was being taken care of, and that a longer stem was in the works. With that change, the geometry would be perfect for me. As is, the Tern Verge X20 is nearly perfect for the segment it serves. It is a capable and reliable folding bike that can take you anywhere, as well as be taken anywhere your travels may dictate. I definitely can imagine seeing the world on the Tern X20.