Brian Davis, the man responsible for the ingenious Fix It Sticks multi tool, has a new idea sure to satisfy many. He has developed the Back Bottle, a hybrid of a bottle and a hydration pack. The idea behind the Back Bottle is to provide another way of carrying water when the temperatures rise, or when the effort is extreme, and extra hydration is needed. The bottle fits easily into the rear pocket of any standard jersey. Its shape facilitates easy stowage and retrieval while riding. The design also incorporates a ridge that prevents the bottle from ejecting from the jersey while riding especially challenging terrain. I suspect the Back Bottle will become indispensable during the summer months. But,  as the video produced by Brian Davis shows, the Back Bottle is also quite useful in colder weather when a traditional bottle might freeze up since your body temperature keeps the Back Bottle from freezing. All in all, I think Brian has come up with another great idea worth backing. For those interested in learning more, check out the Back Bottle website. For those interested in the Kickstarter campaign, head on over and get in on the funding.