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There comes a time when a new bike starts calling your name. Unfortunately, this usually means having to sell an older bike to come up with the starting funds for the newer bike. If this situation should arise in your life, and you need an easy way to sell or consign your bike, there is a place for you: The Pros Closet in Boulder, Colorado. The idea behind the shop is to provide an easy way to sell or consign well loved bicycles and other cycling related gear. A friend alerted me to this establishment, so I thought I’d give it a try with an older Ellsworth Truth that saw little use in the last few years. The process starts with a simple online form asking for the details and a photograph of the bicycle. In my case, a response came within 24 hours of my submitting the form. A cash offer was made for the Ellsworth, and shipping was arranged. I needed a bike box, so I headed over to I.Martin to obtain one. As luck would have it, the mechanic in the shop had just unboxed a new bike, and the bike box was available for me to take. The packing didn’t take long, and the next step was sending the measurements of the box to the Pros Closet. They generated a shipping label, and I then took the box over to my local UPS. I got an e-mail within a few days saying the bike had arrived, and that everything looked in order. The check was then sent my way. The entire process took about a week and a half from when I first contacted the Pros Closet to when I received the check. At no time did they drop the ball in communication. Everything was clear and upfront. This was an exceptionally easy way to turn an older bike into cash for the purchase of a new bike. I am a convert to this Boulder institution, and will use them again next time another bike starts calling my name.