Once in a while, something new comes along that may seem small, but ends up being a huge upgrade. Case in point is a small plastic adapter for the Light and Motion Urban series of lights. As many of you know, Light and Motion makes some of the finest lights on the market, and I have been singing their praises for quite a long time. Add California manufacturing to the recipe, and you have a story worth telling. The Urban front light is one of my favorite products from the Light and Motion catalog. It is small, very powerful, and has an exceedingly good run time off a single charge. The mounting strap is a simple rubber affair that does the trick perfectly: easy on and easy off. But, I’ve been wishing for a more permanent mounting solution – one that is incredibly stable, and one that puts the light directly in the center of the cockpit. Enter the clever little GoPro adapter for the Urban light. It is a $15.00 accessory that comes with a small Allen key for mounting. First, the old rubber mount is disassembled and removed. Then the simple GoPro adapter is installed. This allows the Urban to be attached to any compatible GoPro mount, ┬áincluding mounts by Barfly and K-Edge. In my particular case, I use the K-Edge XL Garmin Combo Mount. My computer sits on top, and below is the attachment point for a GoPro camera. With the clever Light and Motion adapter, I can attach the Urban in place of the GoPro, putting the light front and center. There is plenty of adjustment for the beam, and it stays solidly in place. It is a super clean solution. Now I’m wishing for something that would work with the saddle rail mount from K-Edge. Being able to securely fasten a rear light from Light and Motion would make for a perfect combo. For more information, check out the post from Tyler Benedict on Bike Rumor.




K-Edge Combo Garmin Computer Mount XL




Urban GoPro Mount




Urban 850 Trail