Thomson has long been a favorite of mine, producing some of the best seat posts, stems and handlebars on the market. My mountain bike is outfitted with Thomson, as is my cross bike. The products are absolutely top of the line, and will last a lifetime. Now, Thomson is venturing into building complete bikes, and is joining forces with Lynskey┬áto produce three different models. First up is the Elite 275, a purpose built hard tail mountain bike. Next up is the Elite 29, a single speed that can be converted to a geared bike by swapping the sliding dropout. Last to be introduced is the Elite Gravel, an adventure bike that will come equipped with the soon to be introduced Pave seat post. We’ll have to wait until 2015 for this last release. I am incredibly excited by this announcement, and hope to see some of these bikes later this year at Interbike. For now, there are brief descriptions on the Thomson website.