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Last week I was sent an invitation to build my own Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag. This is not an invitation only affair, as anyone can log on to the Timbuk2 site and build their own bag. The bag you see above is the very bag I created. In essence, a Classic Messenger designed by me. This is not only an aesthetic build, as you are also able to choose interior organization, left or right handed strap, additional drink pockets, and a host of other features. The possibilities for customization are endless, and I spent the better part of an evening having a great time trying to nail down the perfect combination of looks and utility. I finished my creation quite late last Tuesday evening. My made to order bag arrived in the post yesterday. So, one short week is all I had to wait to receive my custom, made in San Francisco, Classic Messenger bag. A very impressive turnaround time indeed. Even more impressive is the quality of the finished product. This bag is beautiful, and so far, incredibly functional. I am also impressed with the price point, as this bag, fully loaded with just about every option and premium material, comes in at $232.00. I think this is an amazing deal for a completely customized bag. I will report back at a later date with a long term test, but for now, if in need of a made to order messenger bag, punch up Timbuk2. Just beware of being lulled into several hours of fun designing your own dream bag.