As someone who tinkers with bikes on an almost daily basis, a torque wrench is an absolute necessity. Today’s bikes and components are mostly carbon fiber, and as carbon is more delicate than metal, proper tightening of bolts has become a more critical part of bicycle assembly and maintenance. Without proper torque, components are more susceptible to failure, so it is imperative to get the proper torque values for each bolt, and use a torque wrench to achieve said torque.

The D-Torq Wrench from Topeak is a perfect tool for proper tightening. It has a torque range of 1 – 20 N•m, which covers most bicycle specifications. An average seat binder bolt typically takes 5 N*m, while thru-axles may take up to 10 N*m. The torque on this particular wrench is digital, and to reach the desired torque level, buttons are pushed to adjust the range visible on the small electronic screen on the handle of the device. As it is digital, precise levels can be set. The readout will specifically call out the exact number, so it is easy to dial in exactly what is called for, and an audible beep signals when the torque is reached. The beep is particularly helpful for those times working on bikes when you find yourself contorting in ways that may not allow a sightline to the screen.

Topeak is known for their high quality tools and accessories, and the D-Torq is no exception. This is a solid addition to the home mechanic’s toolbox, and the best way to assure the longevity of your bike and its components. And, the D-Torq comes in a handy carrying case with the 8 assorted bits included. I recently traveled to Europe, and brought along the wrench to adjust my borrowed Open WI.DE. It is satisfying knowing you’ve tightened everything down properly instead of just winging it, and the D-Torq’s convenient size makes it a perfect travel tool.