I tend to spend far too much time poring over websites such as those from Fairwheel Bikes or R2 Bike, looking for small parts such as seat collars and stem caps. The small details make a difference on a build, and I enjoy the challenge of finding extremely lightweight parts that function exceptionally well. Following that guiding ethos, I have found what I consider to be one of the finest bottle cages on the market. The Wasserträger 2.0 from Tune is an impressive piece of engineering. It is made of carbon, with a matte UD finish. The Tune logo is in glossy black, subtle, but apparent. The attachment screws are 7075 aluminum, and the weight of the bottle cage is a claimed 9 grams. On my scale, the bottle cage came in just shy of 10 grams, and the screws add a hair to that. Overall, this is one of the lightest cages available, which leads to the most important question: do they keep the bottle securely in place? I run bottles from Abloc, a small San Francisco start up, so my impressions are based on those bottles, and I can say with absolute certainty, these cages have never ejected a bottle. Even with incredibly rough riding on fire roads or just plain old rough pavement, the bottles remain securely in place. I’ve used these cages on several different bikes over the last few years, and I’ve never had a problem. They are rock solid, and they have a pleasing design that complements any bicycle. It may seem like high praise, but I’ve gone through quite a few cages from other manufacturers that do not do their job. The Tune Wasserträger cages are a premium piece of kit that functions as well as it looks.