A short pre-weekend post highlighting two bicycles that I think are quite stunning. Pictured above is the Bastion Cycles road disc bike. Bastion Cycles is based in Australia, and they have perfected 3D-printed titanium lugs bonded to carbon tubes. I’ve only seen one frame in person at Cycle Store Zurich, and it was stunning. Because the lugs are 3D-printed, the customization options are endless. A frame can be made to suit every style of riding.

Pictured below is the Chapter 2 Huru bike. Chapter 2, based in New Zealand, is the brainchild of Michael Pryde, son of Neil Pryde. After starting and spending years running the bicycle division of Neil Pryde, Michael Pryde set out on his own to start Chapter 2. The lineup consists of 3 frames, one all around road, one aero, and one climbing bike. The Huru is the climbing bike, and the one I’m most interested in trying. It’s worth noting the details in the frame, from the graphics to the subtle design features.