Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to San Francisco. I always delight at checking out the shops in the city and Marin. It’s mind blowing the quantity of good shops in Northern California. This trip was short, but I did manage to squeeze in a visit to Ube’s Ice Cream Shop. Ube can take your frame, and paint it any which way you like. It seems that the options are endless. Strangely, I discovered Ube’s shop in an issue of Loop Magazine that a friend from Tokyo had brought me. In the magazine there are a lot of photos and text, though the photos were all I could comprehend. The visit to the shop was not disappointing. Ube is an incredibly gracious person, and also an amazing artist. He showed me the different areas of the shop, the paint booth, where he does his sketches, the rows of frames hanging from the hooks, even the conference room in the back yard. It’s an incredibly cool setup. I’m already having visions of how to paint my old De Bernardi. Here are a couple of photos from the shop. I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the Bay Area.