Boulder, CO – June 7, 2016 – VeloNews has recently unveiled a completely redesigned VeloNews.com. The new website is specifically structured to create a more engaging user experience with the audience while providing one-of-a-kind in-depth gear and bike reviews, as well as dynamic multistage race browsing.

“We’ve been working on this redesign for a year,” said John Bradley, Editor-in-Chief. “Our goal was to create more modern, immersive experiences for all content types across all platforms. The mobile experience is a massive leap forward, and the presentation of product reviews will set a new standard for the cycling industry.”

The new website was launched in conjunction with a rebrand of VeloNews magazine, which saw a return to the traditional name.  

“This brand has been such an integral part of American cycling culture, and now we’re back to the original name as we recapture the passion and energy that defined us for decades. Not only are we refreshing the look and feel of our site, but we now have the ability to create more storytelling formats and more custom content options,” added Bradley.

Additions to the page include:

• Bike reviews: Every bike review will now get an overall score, and bikes will be ranked by those scores. Users will be able to filter those rankings by category, pricing, gender, and brand. 

• Race reports: Race news will always flow through the homepage, as it always has, there will also be separate landing pages for major races. Users will be able to not only read the latest news, but preview start lists and upcoming stages, read past stage reports and results, check current standings, and dive through the photo archives and tech galleries.

• Easy access: Lists of articles in the box with the “Latest,” “Popular,” “Gear,” and “Race Reports” give quick and easy access to the most recent content for each of those categories.

• Related articles: Stories with relevant content will be presented from the archive, making it easier for readers to dive deeper on subjects that interest them.

• Responsive design: In May, VeloNews.com passed the 50 percent-mobile threshold. With more than half of the traffic coming from mobile, the new site looks and works great on any screen size.

• Feature tool: For special features and long-form magazine content, there is a new onscreen presentation built around full-screen photos, white space, and simple fonts that deliver a deep, immersive reading experience on any screen.

Access VeloNews’ new website at VeloNews.com