Virtue Seven Gloss Black-1
Virtue Bike is a relatively new company based out of San Diego, CA. They have a line of 23 bicycles ranging from a simple single speed fixed gear bike (Valor), to a beautiful two wheel electric assist cargo bike (Gondoliere +). The bicycle you see pictured above is called the Virtue Seven, and it is the bike I used to get around town for about a month. I have to say that for a basic city bike, the Virtue Seven is pretty much a perfect design. It is very simple, with a seven speed system out back, and V-Brakes for stopping duty. The performance of the Shimano Acera derailleur coupled with the Shimano SL-TX Tourney shifter is impeccable. The shifts are crisp and quick. The V-Brakes are made by Tektro, and they have incredible stopping power. The rest of the specifications are quite solid, making the Virtue Seven a pleasure to ride. I enjoyed hopping on the bike each morning to head to work, as the ride immediately put a smile on my face. One thing I have yet to mention is the styling of the bike. It is gloss black, with alloy components and white tires. This is the only choice for the Virtue Seven, and I think it is a stunning combination. Every day I rode the bike, people would stop and comment how beautiful it is. I received more compliments than I could count, and I must agree, it is one good looking bicycle. Now, I saved the best part for last, which is the price. As you see it pictured above, The Virtue Seven retails for $399.00. That’s right, you can pick up this beauty for less than some high end bike parts. I can’t imagine that price will not go up in the future, as this bike is the perfect blend of components, performance, and good looks. I would happily add a Virtue Seven to my collection.