The ZiZZO Liberté folding bike isn’t the usual fare for this blog, but I developed a soft spot for folding bikes after my first visit to Tokyo when I saw the amazing folders available there. Ever since, I have been fascinated with these compact offerings.

ZiZZO is a young company based in Union City, California offering a line-up of seven folding bikes. The Liberté is the lightest offering, weighing in at a mere 23 lbs. It is also their top offering, currently selling for $429.99 on their website. The price is well below that of comparable folding bikes, and the weight is at the top of the class. The component spec is quite decent, and the build quality is first-rate.

The Liberté arrived fully assembled, with only a few tweaks needed to get it ready to ride. Once unfolded and locked in the open position, it was good to go. I’ve gotten in several local rides on the bike, and the ride quality is excellent. It definitely demands the rider’s attention to keep it on course, but that is the result of the small wheels, and as small wheeled bikes go, this one is about as stable as any I’ve ridden. It feels nimble, and the handling is razor sharp.

Folding and unfolding the bike is incredibly simple and quick. Seat height and handlebar height are easily adjusted without tools. The bike has 8 speeds provided by a Shimano Altus rear derailleur with an 8-speed Revo grip shifter. The shifting is easy to use, precise, and provides a great range of gears to tackle most any city riding. Braking is provided by Promax V-style brakes that have plenty of bite for stopping duties. The entire package is a well rounded build.

Lastly, the bike folds down to a size almost any trunk will accommodate. Since most everything is adjustable, the bike can be used by people of all heights and ages. My 14 year old daughter has ridden it, as has my wife. ZiZZO has designed and produced a high quality bike that serves many purposes. It’s nice to see a bike of this caliber selling for a price that many will be able to afford.