Today I had the opportunity to meet Eddy and Hugo, the owners of 18 Velo Vintage. The shop drew me in by the description on their website speaking of “the inspiration for the shop coming right out of the 80’s.” The 80’s is when I bought my first proper road bike, a pearl white Peugeot. The bike was stolen in 1984, and I have since longed to replace it with something similar. 18 Velo Vintage would be the place to look for it if I lived in Paris. They have an eclectic mix of bikes, all mostly original. Eddy apologized for the lack of inventory, as summer has seen the bikes fly out of the store. Despite the low stock, the shop was really fun to see. Eddy and Hugo are incredibly friendly, and speak English, which is a big help for a non French speaking blogger. The shop is in an intersting part of Paris, just behind the Lamarck Culaincourt Metro stop, good for a trip off the beaten path. There is also an associated blog that has photos of all the bikes they’ve sold or are selling. It’s slightly addictive going through and looking at everything that has come through their hands. 18 Velo Vintage is worth a trip if spending time in the City of Light.