One advantage to having a blog is the opportunity to try many different things you might not otherwise have access to. As readers of Velospeak may have surmised, backpacks and jackets are a top fascination here, and the chance to try another from Aether Apparel is an early Christmas present of the best kind. I’ve been living with the Aether Apparel Military Jacket for approximately two months now, which is longer than I would normally wait to write about a product for the blog. The reason behind this was the chance to travel with the jacket, giving it a go in many different situations. It’s travelled to New York, Chicago, and now to Europe. It’s withstood all sorts of weather, from cold to mild to warm, and I have found it is a perfect jacket for all these conditions. It is really comfortable, made from EtaProof, a densely woven cotton that is completely waterproof and thermally insulating. The material wears like a comfortable cotton making for a great jacket to wear over a t-shirt on a cool evening. For colder weather, a simple extra layer underneath, and you are good to go. The Desert Grey color is perfect for year round wear, but there is also a Jet Black version for those so inclined. The design is simple, with two large hand warmer pockets, and two cargo pockets at the chest. The waist and cuffs are adjustable, and the elbows are articulated for ease of movement. The story behind the fabric is printed on a label inside the jacket, with a more detailed account on the Aether Apparel blog. The Aether Apparel Military Jacket is a great all around coat, worthy of being first pick for any and all adventures you find yourself on.