The Cronmok, by Allen Edmonds, is a casual lace-up wingtip boot that can go almost everywhere. The premium leather is unstructured, lending the boot a worn in look right out of the box. Even better, the boots fit like a glove the very first time you put them on. I still marvel at this, because it seems so unusual to find a boot that doesn’t need breaking in to be comfortable. These are comfortable, and, they are very light, making this a perfect all day shoe. I’ve worn them to work, to dinner, to parties, and just around the house. It’s still a bit wintry out, but I suspect this will also be a great summer boot because it breathes well, providing a bit of cooling to your foot. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation, and as is the case for most Allen Edmonds shoes, they can be sent in for recrafting once they reach that stage. The craftsmanship of Allen Edmonds shoes and boots is legendary, and their made in USA pedigree can’t be beat. When I’m not cycling, I’m wearing Allen Edmonds boots.