Colin Hallallenedmonds_shoes_haight_brown_l
In my ongoing quest to find more product actually produced in the US, I rediscovered Allen Edmonds. Founded in 1922 by Elbert W. Allen, the company has been making shoes and boots in Port Washington, Wisconsin for ninety years. The company follows a traditional 212 step manufacturing process, detailed in full on their website, along with the heritage of the company-all well worth reading. The detail is also abundant in the descriptions of the shoes and boots. After looking through them all, I chose the Haight boot you see pictured above. I was looking for something that would be appropriate for all occasions, and I found it in the Haight. The style of this particular model works well with jeans, as well as a suit, a versatility I really appreciate, especially for travel. The craftsmanship of these boots is top notch. It is readily apparent upon first putting on the boots that they are made to last. It is also amazing how comfortable the boots are. There is no breaking in period for these, a welcome respite from other boots I’ve worn in the past. The insoles are particularly supportive and comfortable, making these great for a lot of walking. The Dainite rubber sole is perfect for rainy days, and also makes the boots great for work, though sometimes I feel guilty wearing such beautiful boots to the work place. I suspect these boots will be with me for a very long time. Allen Edmonds makes a superior product, and it’s made in the US, a winning combination.

Now, for the amazing photo at the top. This is a shot of Colin Hall, the CMO of Allen Edmonds. In speaking with the folks at Allen Edmonds, I discovered they are a group of devoted cyclists, from the CEO on down. This shot of Colin Hall was taken at the 1986 amateur Paris-Roubaix. I asked how he did, and he told me he crashed 3 times before badly hurting his elbow. He did manage a cold shower under the velodrome at the end of the day.