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“The best bib short available.” This is the goal Assos was shooting for when creating the new T.campionissimo_s7 bib shorts. Any bib short from Assos is already universally accepted as being the best on the market, so when trying to outdo themselves in creating a new range of shorts, you can imagine the research and testing involved. It may sound a bit strange to think of research and testing when referring to clothing, but the clothing created by Assos is anything but average clothing. It is designed to work as an integral component of the bicycle, with as much thought and development as goes into all the other bits on your bicycle. Assos is known for incredibly long development times, sometimes sacrificing profit for perfection in design. I’m sure it must be a tortured existence for those in the R & D department, but this results in the consumer getting the best possible product. The product often also comes at a high price, but let’s not forget that to get Ferrari performance, Ferrari prices must be paid. The T.campionissimo_s7 bib short is at the top of the range in the Assos line. It results from years of the aforementioned development process, and has features not found on any other short. The chamois is probably the most notable feature. It is made from 8mm-thick memoryFoam material that is essentially three layers. Each layer has a specific purpose, and when united, they provide ultimate comfort. The chamois is sewn into the shorts with breaks at either side, referred to as the goldenGate. This allows the chamois to stay united with the rider’s anatomy while peddling, and reduces the amount of friction felt by the rider. Combined with the kukuPenthouse, a cutout in the pad that creates a pocket for the male anatomy, make for the ultimate in riding comfort. I have gone on countless rides with these shorts, and each and every time, I am amazed at how comfortable they are. Another feature I especially like are the straps. They have been redesigned from the s5 line of shorts, and have been brought out closer to the arms. It is a more natural location for the straps, and again contributes to the overall comfort of the shorts. The material for the straps is also notable because it has a certain girth to it that keeps the straps from bunching up. The cut of the campionissimo is typical of Assos, and is best felt when in a riding position. When standing, you may feel a bit constricted, but when on the bike, it is an absolutely perfect fit. For this ultimate bib short, the retail price is just a bit over $500.00. Extreme, yes, but as I said before, to have a Ferrari, you need to pay Ferrari prices. I think any serious cyclist, given the chance to ride in these shorts, would probably sell that spare bike to get into them and enjoy what a few privileged cyclists have already learned. Assos has once again topped itself and created an amazing product that will be coveted and sought after by those seeking the ultimate cycling short.