June is a vexing time in Los Angeles. We have a weather condition that is commonly referred to as June gloom. This translates to morning high fog turning to hazy sunshine in the afternoon. It is not a particularly cold fog, but it is a bit gloomy, and the light can be challenging for sensitive eyes. On my ride on Sunday, I was able to try the Assos Zegho glasses for the first time. The conditions were perfect for a test of these high quality glasses with their Carl Zeiss lenses. My initial reaction when putting on the glasses was the feeling of weightlessness. I wear prescription glasses daily, and strive to find the lightest glasses possible. The Assos Zegho glasses put everything else to shame when it comes to weight and comfort. These glasses are like air, and really do not have any significant weight to them. The arms are incredibly comfortable on the ears, and the nose piece is perfectly designed. Instead of feeling like a pair of glasses, they feel like a shield for your eyes that has been suspended in front of your face. High praise indeed, but they really do feel that comfortable. Aside from comfort, the lens is what sets these apart from other glasses. Manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, the Assos designed Tunnel Vision lens is clear in the lower third, and transitions sharply to a dark lens in the upper two thirds. The reasoning behind this is to give the rider the ability to see clearly when going through a tunnel or a suddenly shady section of pavement. A simple lift of the head, and everything is clearly visible. A simple innovation to be sure, but one that changes the way you ride. When going through the tunnel in Griffith Park, I came to appreciate the brilliance of this lens technology. One other highlight of wearing these glasses is the fact that they never once fogged up on me. When putting in effort on a climb with other glasses, I constantly have to deal with fogging. The Zeghos do not fog up and remain consistently clear throughout the ride. The Assos Zegho glasses are clearly the product of a tremendously successful design effort, and live up to the quality Assos is known for.