I’ve already spent an incredible amount of time riding the streets of Paris on this work trip. The Velib is the bike rental scheme instituted by the city of Paris, and I must say it works very well. I signed up for a 7 day pass online, which provides a code and pin, all that is needed for renting the bikes. Once these are entered, and you’ve chosen a bicycle, you are off. The bikes are not speedy, but they are functional city bikes that can be ridden most anywhere. They can be rented and returned all over the city, which makes this system really convenient.

With the luxury of being able to travel easily around Paris, I decided to check out a shop I had tried to visit once before on an earlier trip. The shop is called the biCyCle store. It is a small and well designed shop selling city bikes and track bikes. The house brand is Heritage Cycles. These frames are made in France, and from what I could understand, are completely customizable. I really liked the build I’ve pictured above. Very simple and elegant. The shop also has a selection of Le Coq Sportif clothing as well as Mission Workshop and T-Level bags. It’s a beautiful space with a very complete selection of high end cycles and accessories.