Blaze Laserlight Now Available in North America

Combining a unique laser and a powerful bike light, the Blaze Laserlight alerts drivers to your approach when you’d be otherwise invisible.

(October 20, 2015) – Already garnering headlines—and awards—around the world, the innovative Blaze Laserlight is now directly available to consumers in North America.

Created by graduate student Emily Brooke and launched via Kickstarter three years ago, the Blaze Laserlight was borne by a belief that in order to design the perfect bike light, you first need to understand the problem it’s being designed to solve. Recognizing that 79% of cycling incidents in the U.K. occur when drivers maneuver into a rider’s path, Brooke’s innovative design takes on this statistic with a smart new approach .

“Last year over 3,000 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads alone. The fact that I really wanted to focus on was that 79% of cyclists hit were travelling straight ahead and a vehicle turned into them, so that was the one cycling problem that I really focused on in designing Blaze,” said Brooke.

In addition to a high-powered bike light, the Blaze Laserlight also incorporates a laser that projects a bicycle icon 20 feet ahead of the rider. Alerting road users ahead of the cyclist of their presence, the laser projection increases the cyclist’s footprint on the road, making them much more visible.

In fact, as compared to a standalone LED bicycle light, the Transport Research Laboratory in the U.K. found that the Blaze Laserlight provided superior visibility for buses, cars and trucks. With buses, the Laserlight increased maximum nighttime visibility from 72.4% with just the existing LED lights to 96.2% with the Blaze Laserlight.

Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, the Blaze Laserlight is assembled from aircraft-grade aluminium featuring diamond-cut edges. It’s USB rechargeable via a magnetic charging cable, features industry-leading runtimes with a battery life of up to 13 hours, fits 99% of handlebars and is waterproof to a depth of three feet. The Laserlight retails for $200.

Currently, the Blaze Laserlight is available for direct purchase online at, as well as select retailers. With the recent addition of a U.S. distribution center in New Jersey, Blaze is now able to offer U.S. customers free shipping, with just a 2-4 day turnaround time.

To request additional information on the Blaze Laserlight and its technologies, as well as a copy of the Transport Research Laboratory report and list of retailers, please contact PR representative Kevin Rouse at 408-772-9902 or by email:

About Blaze

Founded by Emily Brooke, a physicist turned cyclist turned designer turned entrepreneur, the excitement and positive feedback that her initial concept generated inspired her to launch a company around it. Three years on and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Blaze now has a growing team based in East London,, and has raised approximately £1.5M in investment from the likes of the Branson Family and Index Ventures. The Laserlight is their flagship product and is now shipping to 52 different countries around the world. It is the first of a range of products for urban cyclists from Blaze.

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