Back Camera
This is my car. I’ve had this TR6 for well over 15 years, and I love it. Or, should I say, I mostly love it. The last four weeks, the car has been in the shop having various repairs done. When I think it is all buttoned up and ready to go, something else comes up. I realize the car is old, and British, but the same issues come up for our newish VW as well. It is the nature of the beast. Automobiles are complicated machines, meaning there are many things that can go wrong. When it is all going right, the TR6 is a dream. It is fun, fast, and definitely can get my heart rate going. That being said, I can get my heart rate going even more readily by riding my bicycle. I can also get places on my bicycle, and usually faster than I can in my car. I have a few bicycles, and the repairs needed to keep them running involve a bit of lube and some slight cable adjustments, all of which I can do on my own. Even if I paid to have this done, it would be mere pennies compared to work done on an automobile. For the amount of money I’ve spent in the last few weeks keeping the Triumph happy and healthy, I could have bought a custom made frame and fork. Hmmm, my priorities might not be in order.