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In the never ending quest to save a few grams on the ultimate bicycle build, sometimes reliability and strength are lost in favor of shaving weight. Parts created to fill this niche typically impose weight limits making it all but impossible for average folks to ride bikes equipped with these rarefied bits. So, when a part comes along that is both extremely lightweight, incredibly strong, and with no weight limit, it is cause for celebration. DT Swiss has done just that with their RWS Ti Road skewers. These are not traditional skewers, as they eliminate the cam system in favor of a simple screw-on type of lever. All that is needed is to turn the lever until the wheel is securely in place. Once tightened down, it is possible to pull the lever out and rotate it to the position you desire. In other words, despite tightening down like a screw, you are free to art direct the lever’s final position on the bike. It is simple, clever and incredibly strong. Best of all, the weight is on a par with the lightest skewers on the market; the skewers weigh in at a paltry 45 grams. It seems strange to obsess about such small bits on the bike, but every little detail counts. Just wait for an upcoming post on titanium bolts. I’m diving further into the insanity.